AirMedical Global Assistance is an elite medical transport service. We offer a variety of international air transportation services to get you where you need to be during a medical emergency.

Most major insurance companies either do not cover emergency transportation costs or require the patient to pay the costs upfront and offer reimbursement later on.

After being picked up by a local emergency transport service, you will be taken to the nearest hospital – not necessarily the hospital of your choice. Unfortunately, the additional cost of long-distance transportation means that you may end up receiving care far away from family and friends.

With AirMedical Global Assistance, we offer a safe, long-distance emergency travel experience to the hospital of your choice – even if you are traveling abroad.

Members must reside in the United States. Members from Canada may also be accepted at the company’s discretion.

There are no preexisting conditions that would prevent you from receiving a membership. However, there are certain exceptions regarding pregnancy, organ-transplants, and those traveling to countries with government-mandated travel restrictions.

Contact us today for a full explanation of eligibility requirements and terms and conditions.

Your membership activates as soon as your enrollment fee has been paid.

If your membership becomes inactive, we will be unable to assist with medical transport. Contact our member coordinators as soon as possible to renew your membership and continue receiving benefits.

At AirMedical Global Assistance, we offer three unique membership options. These include individual memberships, family memberships, and organizational memberships.

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One of the amazing benefits our members receive through our program is peace of mind. We want every AirMedical Global Assistance member to feel safe and confident in any environment - whether they are working abroad or traveling with family.

With the help of reliable, accredited partner transport companies we are able to provide emergency medical transportation services across the globe.

Due to the risk involved in entering foreign airspace, we are unable to provide services in countries or regions in which the U.S. State Department, Department of Transportation, or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued travel restrictions.

Every member will receive an AirMedical Global Assistance membership card with emergency contact numbers. You or a companion (if you are unable to call,) may call at any time to request an emergency pick up.

Once your request has been received, our team will determine the level of your emergency and will make all the necessary arrangements to get you exactly where you want to be.

Depending on the type of emergency and severity of your medical request, there are three may ways in which AirMedical Global Assistance may arrange your transport.

These include:

· Private Medical Equipped Aircraft – Our private medical jets are capable of serving as mini intensive care units. Medical staff will be equipped to handle BLS, ALS, and critical care patients.
· International Commercial Stretcher Service – For this option, some rows of seats may be removed on a commercial airline and replaced with an approved stretcher. Our medical staff will bring all the necessary supplies and equipment.
· Medical Escort – If a patient is medically stable and cleared to fly but still needs minor care and monitoring, we may arrange a medical escort to care for the patient during transit.

Yes! Generally, we are able to accommodate one additional passenger and their luggage. Some restrictions may apply depending on flight distance and baggage weight.

Our dedicated member advocate specialists will coordinate everything, from hospital facilitation to custom navigation, to helping you understand your insurance and travel benefits.

Contact us today at 1-216-298-9160 or at our contact page to learn more about AirMedical Global Assistance and how we can add an extra layer of security to your travels.

There are no refunds for membership. The membership term is one (1) year, beginning on the enrollment date, which includes acceptance of an enrollment application and successful payment processing. A renewal within a current membership term extends the existing expiration date of the membership by one (1) year; such renewal term begins the day after the current term ends. When an expired membership is renewed, the new membership term is one (1) year, beginning on the purchase date of the renewal. A member may cancel his or her membership at any time. If a member cancels his or her membership, the member will not receive a refund of any kind. AirMedical Global Assistance reserves the right to terminate any membership immediately if AirMedical Global Assistance does not receive payment in full for any reason or no reason.

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