At AirMedical Global Assistance, we want our members to have the ability to travel without worry. Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, we are here for you in the case of a medical emergency. With a highly-skilled team of flight, safety, and medical professionals, we can safely transport patients with a variety of injuries and illnesses to the medical facility of their choice. The world is calling. Live limitlessly.

Life is unpredictable, getting you home in an emergency doesn’t have to be.

State-of-the-Art Air Ambulance Services

Whether you need a little extra help or a full medical crew, we are proud to offer comfortable, reliable medical air transports to our members. All of our medical transports are Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – approved. For patients with serious conditions, our air ambulances are equipped to serve as mini intensive care units. Our team is capable of caring for ALS, BLS, and critical care patients during their flight. We also offer commercial stretcher services and medical escorts for patients who do not need intensive care.

Comprehensive Patient Advocacy Services

We believe that paperwork should be the last thing on your mind during a medical emergency. That is why our 24/7 member advocates are here to handle all the little details – so you can focus on getting better. Our team will take care of hospital facilitation, travel arrangements, customs, insurance information, passport information, etc. We take care of everything – from the time you begin your medical transport to the time you arrive at your intended hospital.

Hospital Facilitation from Start to Finish

If you qualify for a means of medical air transport, our dedicated team will take care of everything – from start to finish. After your request has been received, our member advocates will contact your sending and receiving facilities to work out all the details. Once your life flight has been arranged, medical personnel will be sent to transport you from your bedside to the nearest airport. Our skilled flight and medical team will take care of all of your needs to ensure you have a safe, comfortable trip to your preferred facility.

24/7 Emergency Medical Care

At AirMedical Global Assistance, we understand that life can be unpredictable. Medical emergencies can occur anywhere, at any time of day. Thankfully, with our comprehensive medical flight services, you can travel comfortably with the knowledge that you can get home in an emergency. Our dedicated member advocates are available to answer your calls and arrange emergency medical transportation at any time – any day of the week. With AirMedical Global Assistance, we’ve got you covered.

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