Whether it’s for business or leisure, traveling can be stressful. Long lines, frustrating customs checks, and flight delays can turn any trip sour. Fortunately, traveling during a medical incident doesn’t have to be as stressful.

Our team at AirMedical Global Assistance believes that patients shouldn’t have to go through the normal ins-and-outs of air travel when suffering from a medical need. That is why our skilled care team is here to take care of all of your needs – from the bedside of your sending facility to the bedside of the receiving one.

How Do I Activate a Medical Transport?

If you experience a medical emergency, you will most likely be taken by a local ambulance service to the nearest suitable hospital. After receiving initial emergency care, you or a companion may call the 24/7 number located on the back of your AirMedical Global Assistance membership card to request a transfer.

Here are some of the details we are going to need to start:
· Name and date of birth of the member needing transport
· Name and number of the current hospital
· Any medical information you may have about the member
· Name and number of preferred facility you would like to be transported to
· Patients medical insurance information
· If traveling internationally, a copy of the members passport

Once your request has been received, our team will review your information and determine the level of care needed to get you to your preferred facility. Once your transportation has been arranged, we will take care of everything – from one hospital to the next. Medical personnel will be sent to pick you up directly from your beside and transfer you to the nearest airport and onto your air ambulance or medical flight.

What About the Small Details?

Our team is committed to making your transition as stress-free as possible. That is why we are happy to work out all of the small details on your behalf. Once you have been admitted to a medical facility, call the number on your membership card and you will be connected to our medical travel coordinators.

As soon as our team has all the relevant information, we will begin reaching out for medical records and will determine the urgency of your requested transport. After your transport has been approved, we will make all the necessary arrangements between the sending and receiving facilities.

Our team can also assist with:
· Baggage
· Customs
· Immigration
· Insurance information
· Passport information

Acceptance into Your Preferred Medical Facility

We understand how important it is to receive care at the facility you are most comfortable in. However, before we are able to approve your medical flight, our team must receive confirmation that you have been accepted as a patient by your hospital of choice.

Our team will reach out to your preferred facility to ensure they are able and willing to admit you as a patient upon arrival. If this request is denied, we may need to coordinate with another facility and we will work with you to find a facility you approve.

Our skilled and compassionate team is committed to getting you where you need to be when you have a medical need. Contact us today to learn more about hospital facilitation, global medical flights, and how we can help take the stress off your shoulders during an emergency.

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