Traveling during a medical emergency can be extremely costly. Depending on where you are in the world, traveling home via an air ambulance can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At AirMedical Global Assistance, we believe that our members shouldn’t have to go bankrupt just to get to the hospital of their choice. With state-of-the-art medical jets and professional teams, we are able to provide emergency travel services at a fraction of the cost.

Types of Transporation

Air Ambulance Insurance

Private Medically Equipped Aircraft- Traveling long distances during a medical emergency can be both risky and pricey. For patients in critical condition, getting to their hospital of choice is often not an option. This is true for individuals with non-life-threatening ailments as well. In these cases, trying to travel on a commercial airline without medical support can lead to dangerous complications.

Thankfully, with a wide range of air ambulance services, we can safely transport patients across the globe to the hospital of their choice. For patients in critical condition, we are able to carry them to their destination of choice via a fully-equipped private medical jet.

These air ambulances have been specially configured to function as mini intensive care units. Medical staff will have the equipment necessary to treat those with BLS, ALS, and critical care needs. When we receive a critical care call, our medical director Gabriel Krenitsky MD, will personally review the request and determine what medical personnel would best fit the patient’s emergency.

Commercial Stretcher

We can arrange to have a patient transported on an international commercial stretcher flight. This means some rows of seats on a commercial airline will be replaced with an approved stretcher. We will take care of all the arrangements required for this type of transport as well as provide the proper medical team and equipment. This option can sometimes be more cost effective however it is not available for immediate transports.

Medical Escort

Arrange travel assistance and medical escorts for patients who have been cleared by their physician to travel with a medical escort on commercial flights. Medical escorts accompany patients who are Medically stable, yet in need of assistance while traveling. This includes help with luggage, wheelchair assistance or help getting on and off the aircraft. Our medical escorts also have access to an airline approved oxygen concentrator if needed.

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